“His out-of-the box thinking and daring honesty will change the way you think of recruiting completely.”

Keynote Speaker in Talent Acquisition Talking About Cutting Edge Recruitment Marketing and Employer Brand Strategies

James Ellis is bringing the future of effective talent acquisition to you

James Ellis isn’t your average speaker. He brings wit, energy and humor to subjects you might expect to be dry. He combines years of experience helping everyone from Fortune 10 companies to 12-person agencies understand their own employer brands, activate them, and connect them to their investment in recruitment marketing. Then he makes it interesting and funny.

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What Is (and Isn’t) Employer Brand
There are a lot of misconceptions about what and employer brand I and why it’s so important. In this 30-minute presentation, you’ll learn the basics about the next stage in modern talent acquisition and recruiting.

Employer Brand Is How You Win the Talent Game
It’s a lot easier to talk about employer brands if you start by looking at existing employer brands of some of the biggest companies in the world. In this 45-60 minute presentation, you’ll dive into the the most strategic elements of talent acquisition.

The 12 Ways To Communicate Your Employer Brand
Employer brand is a 360-degree game, impacting potential candidates long before they even start looking for jobs. In this 60-90 minute presentation, you’ll discover all the opportunities you have to reach and communicate your brand and every stage of the candidate journey.

10 Surprising Things That Impact Your Employer Brand
Beyond your career site and recruitment ads, learn about the other things that make a deep impact on your employer brand. In this 45-60 minute presentation, you will identify issues and opportunities augment your employer brand.

Creating Employee Ambassadors: The Power of Employee-Generated Content
No one can tell your employer brand stories as well as your staff, but do you know how to encourage and manage the process of getting employee-generated content? In this 60-90 minute presentation, you’ll learn the 5 P’s of EGC and how to control the process.

Attracting Millennials: The Next Generation of Talent Acquisition
By 2020 (only three years away!) more than a third of your staff will be millennials. Have you changes your talent acquisition tactics to hire this generation? In this 60-minute presentation, you’ll learn what makes this audience different and what changes you need to make when recruiting them.

Solving the Ten Biggest Issues in Hiring
What if you could understand your biggest hiring issues not from a vendor perspective, but from a more holistic and strategic perspective? In this 60-90 minute presentation, you’ll learn how to approach the issues that effect every company.

Or we can talk about building a custom presentation to support your recruitment marketing or employer brand departments.

James Ellis is BRILLIANT when it comes to leveraging content to recruit talent. If you want to attract the best talent, this is a must-listen.

Awesome! James cuts through BS.

Engaging, and high-energy, he is a powerful voice and expert in employer brand. From bridging the gap between marketing and human resources, to developing a cohesive and effective employer brand outreach, he understands long-term goals.

James’s energy and straight-talk approach is so appreciated.

Seriously, I’ve never walked away from a conference session with so many action items that I can put to use tomorrow.

You were absolutely wonderful. Really funny and engaging too!

He is an excellent speaker with such a depth and breadth of knowledge.

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