On your journey to a better career in a startup, you need a native guide

Getting noticed by great startups isn’t impossible.

They want to hire people just like you.
But you might not be speaking their language.
The focus and perspective I provide connects your skills and experience to what those companies really care about.
If you want them to take you seriously, I can help you get there.

30 Minute AMA: $75

Becki offers an ask me anything 30 minute session. Need some quick guidance on next career steps? Thinking about grad school, but unsure if it’ll really get you where you want to go? Get a job offer and need to weight the pros and cons with an unbiased party? Want to know about the last book she read? AMA! If the AMA leads to other consulting, I’ll deduct the cost of the AMA.

LinkedIn Bootcamp: $175

Worried your LinkedIn profile isn’t doing you any favors? Can’t figure out why recruiters cruise your page and then disappear? In this one-hour session, we’ll get real with your profile, figure out what secret sins you might be committing and fix them to make sure there’s no metaphorical spinach in your teeth.

Interview Prep Session: $350

In this 75-minute session you’ll get a rigorous custom practice interview. This isn’t just a little “run-through.” This in depth session focuses on the three most important aspects of your interview: Establishing your narrative to highlight your unique skills and value, determining what questions you should ask the interviewers to make you look like the smartest person they’ve met with, and identifying your gaps so you can have the best answer ready to go.

Think of this as an intensive six-week interview class but with all the fluff taken away.

Resume Workshop: $750

“Becki made the process of rewriting my resume not the worst. I didn’t cry at all.” – J. Marie, Ops Business Development

In two 90-minute sessions, we will define and communicate your value to your ideal job and company. You’ll walk away with a resume which highlights your accomplishments in a clear and engaging way, but is still authentically “you.” More importantly, you will have a resume that engages recruiters and hiring managers so you don’t disappear into the resume void.

What’s Next? Workshop: $600

This package is perfect for people who are ready to make a professional change but can’t quite put their finger on what’s next. In 4 one-hour sessions over four weeks, you’ll come away with a greater clarity on your skills, and an individualized plan on next steps to get you into your new role.

Not seeing what you need? Contact me and we’ll figure it out together.

Working with Becki was one of the best investments I made in strengthening my career path. She guided me to articulate my strengths and experiences in ways I would have never been able to on my own.
Jim S.

Becki’s knowledge and experience created a supportive and helpful process throughout my job hunt. She helped alter my resume and gave me tips and strengths to focus on for the application process as well as interviews. Not only did I get interviews right away, I was fully prepared for anything that came my way with Becki’s coaching.
Scott S.

When I was ready for my next career move, Becki narrowed and defined the job search for me. With her guidance, I got the job (and a pay bump!). Her services are one of my smartest investments.
Quinn R.

It’s likely no one taught you how to crack into these businesses, so it’s no surprised it feels like a struggle.

But it doesn’t have to be.

What’s the easiest way to start? Reach out.