Getting noticed by great startups isn’t impossible.

They want to hire people just like you.
But you might not be speaking their language.
The focus and perspective I provide connects your skills and experience to what those companies really care about.
If you want them to take you seriously, I can help you get there.

Job hunting can be an intimidating and complex process. You’re not alone in feeling like it is like climbing a mountain in the dark.

Too often as job hunters we just throw words on a page, send our resumes into the void, and cross all our fingers someone will respond. Keep on refreshing your inbox and hope for at LEAST a rejection email. It’s brutal.

Sending resumes into the void sucks. The solution isn’t to send more.

Becki’s help was absolutely integral to my job search. She started by helping me discover what opportunities fit me best, then helped me drill down and tailor my application materials to specific posts. That level of support, with her in-depth knowledge of the tech industry, created an unmatched experience. Total time from application date to offer date was under 8 weeks. I have Becki to thank!


That’s one way to climb a mountain. But there is a better one. If you’re going to navigate this process successfully, you need a native guide. That’s where I come in. Together we can get you prepped for the journey and focused on the best path, crafting an individualized strategy to get you to the top of the mountain.

Let's put a custom plan together

Working with Becki was one of the best investments I made in strengthening my career path. She guided me to articulate my strengths and experiences in ways I would have never been able to on my own.
Jim S.

Becki’s knowledge and experience created a supportive and helpful process throughout my job hunt. She helped alter my resume and gave me tips and strengths to focus on for the application process as well as interviews. Not only did I get interviews right away, I was fully prepared for anything that came my way with Becki’s coaching.
Scott S.

When I was ready for my next career move, Becki narrowed and defined the job search for me. With her guidance, I got the job (and a pay bump!). Her services are one of my smartest investments.
Quinn R.

About Becki

Becki Ellis, principal strategist of Bex, has been doling out career advice – both solicited and unsolicited – for the last decade. Currently Becki helps navigate the job world of tech startups, working with non engineers to find the right spot in this growing sector.

When she’s not chatting with clients and recruiters you can find her hanging with her family in Chicago and drinking all the coffee she can get her hands on.

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It’s likely no one taught you how to crack into these businesses, so it’s no surprised it feels like a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be.

Let's put a custom plan together