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Hiring talent is only going to get more competitive. At BEX Consultants, we focus on developing and activating your employer brand, and teaching your hiring managers how to pick great candidates. Together, they will radically improve your hiring.

The Forces That Establish Your Employer Brand

Recalling the old joke about the weather, everyone's talking about their employer brand, but no one is doing anything about it. That's probably because few people understand the forces that actually make up an employer brand, the forces they need to harness if they...

“Hiring” Is the Missing Piece of your Talent Acquisition Puzzle

Here's a fun game! Let’s add up all the money you spend on talent acquisition. I won’t put the numbers here, because I know you know exactly how much you spend on each of the following. But this might prove illuminating: ATS (gonna have one of these, right?) Website...

Hiring: The Most Undervalued Skill in Management

Scanning the headlines of business publications, you’d be tempted to think that the most important managerial skill required in the new age of work is the ability to be data-driven. Whether it is referred to as “analytical” or the sexier moniker of “big data,” this is...


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Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis


With years of experience at one of Chicago’s most successful startups, Becki has helped organizations identify and hire the best (if not the most obvious) talent.

 James Ellis

James Ellis

Managing Consultant

James has spent more than three years helping Fortune 1000 companies define and activate their employer brand to attract the best candidates.